about durftestempelen

Who's behind Durftestempelen?
My name is Marjolein, creative, can’t sit still and happy. And since 1st july 2017 I’m the proud owner of Durftestempelen! (previously Moosmade). I live in The Hague. Besides Durftestempelen I also own Lady Cake.

The webshop & collaboration
with various designers!

Durftestempelen arose from the acquisition from Moosmade. Marjolein saw the webshop was for sale in may 2017. And Durftestempelen has so many nice and unique stamps, it was a good opportunity to develop new activities.

A few designers were asked to design for Durftestempelen, so they could be turned into stamps! And luckily, they agreed! It’s really inspiring to work with so many creative people, I love it! Some of the former desigers stayed with Durftestempelen, some didn't.

You can find their names and of all other creative people who helped with Durftestempelen on the Thanks-page!